Iam most definitely interested in partnering with businesses to bring the Drop Caps into more people’s lives, so if you are a publisher or packager and have an idea for stationery, bedding, wallpaper, journals, temporary tattoos…I am all ears.
If you are a business If you are a publisher, packager, or stationer interested in licensing the drop caps for products, identities, books, etcetera, please email or call Frank Sturges, my artist representative.
If you are a charity If you are a non-profit (and no, your band does not count as a non-profit) and are interested in using the drop caps in printed material or online, I am more than happy to donate usage rights for your project, but please email me first to ask permission.
If you want a tattoo Feel free to get any drop cap tattooed on your body and please send pictures. As I cannot offer my lettering services for personalized tattoos (unless you are a blood relative), this is a great workaround for those that want a lettered tattoo.
A note about usage: As you have read above, Daily Drop Caps are free to use on personal websites and blogs to help decorate posts and bring a bit of fun typography to the masses. If you would like to use a Daily Drop Cap in a logo, on stationery, in cards, in books or in / on any printed matter, or on a non-personal website (including but not limited to websites for universities, non-profits, for-profit companies, etsy shops, etc.), further licensing is required. Please do not use the drop caps on any personal home goods/decoration or clothing endeavor without prior permission. If you have any doubts about whether you are using the drop caps improperly, don’t hesitate to ask. Even if the use you are requesting bends the rules a little, generally I will give you special permission to use them as long as you are not a massive corporation and obviously trying to take advantage of my kindness.