Exciting news for fans of Daily Drop Cap!

There will be a special guest “baker’s dozen” alphabet after the last two letters are complete. I’ve been dragging my feet a bit on these last few since I’m sad it will be over—it’s like a book I don’t want to be over so I read the last few pages very slowly! But! Starting Wednesday, get ready for amazing work from a list of handpicked designers, illustrators, and letterers including Marian Bantjes, Ken Barber, Alex Trochut, Louise Fili, Friends of Type, Gary Taxali, The Heads of State and more! The new alphabet starts Wednesday, kicked off by Luke Lucas!

I’ve received a lot of comments about the RSS feed showing up funny for some folks, this is because when I migrated the site over to wordpress, the feed address changed. Please delete the old feed from your reader and change it to this address: http://dailydropcap.com/feed (it was previously /rss). That should solve all of your reader issues. Woohoo!