Special Guest

Most of the guest contributors to this alphabet are letterers, illustrators or designers, but Leanne Shapton is all three and more. She was the art director of the New York Times Op-Ed page, she’s an author of several books, she used to contribute a travel column to Elle Magazine, She currently contributes an illustrated series to the NYTimes opinion page website called “A Month Of…”…the list goes on. Leanne was one of the first people I knew I had to ask for this alphabet, and I was absolutely thrilled that she was able to contribute! Her hand-painted and drawn lettering is beautiful in its simplicity. I particularly love her wooden book series, and picked up a few of the titles myself last year. Her drop cap is modeled after the hand-painted store signs in Paris painted directly onto buildings.

F   Copy this code at the beginning of your text (You’ll need to be in the html editing window.):

<img src="http://dailydropcap.com/images/leanne-shapton-small.jpg" title="Daily Drop Cap by Leanne Shapton" align="left" alt="M"/>

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