Special Guest

Part and Parcel is Damien Correll’s collaborative effort with designistrator pal Garrett Morin, and they make some insanely imaginative playful work. Damien doesn’t disappoint with today’s drop cap, which would put a smile on anyone’s face from preschool and up. When I first moved to New York, I was made aware of an awesome dude collective that had formed by Damien, Garrett and Ryan Waller called Rad Mountain (now defunct). It took a while before our paths overlapped—first when Garrett won Print’s 20 under 30 the same year as me, and then when Damien won ADC Young Guns we finally met in person! (Can you see how small of a city/scene New York is??) Anyhoo—Damien, while no longer part of a mountain, is still quite rad.

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