Special Guest

Daniel Pelavin is a seasoned letterer that I met while working for Louise Fili. According to his site, he’s in his “fourth decade of transforming and melding the images and cultural ephemera of our times into cogent and compelling messages for publishing, advertising and communication design.” His lettering work, though fairly masculine, is beautiful with just the right amount of historical inspiration. Check out this badass example. His colors are bold and bright and his technical skills are unmatched. He had a lot of fun making this D, which to me feels like a 1950s ray gun made for a 1980s film! Or maybe a really crazy jukebox?

F   Copy this code at the beginning of your text (You’ll need to be in the html editing window.):

<img src="http://dailydropcap.com/images/daniel-pelavin-small.png" title="Daily Drop Cap by Daniel Pelavin" align="left" alt="D"/>

F   Be sure to remove the original text letter you are replacing.