Special Guest

Lovely doesn’t begin to describe the work of Deanne Cheuk, the awesome art director, illustrator and artist that crafted this L. Her list of accolades is super impressive: She got her first job as a magazine art director at the age of 19 immediately out of college and has since art directed or designed numerous publications, including Tokion Magazine. Her client list is ridiculous including the likes of Swatch, Target, and American Express. She has worked with David Carson, Doug Aitken and Conan O’Brien. In 2005, Cheuk released her first book, Mushroom Girls Virus — which sold out worldwide immediately. That same year she was the inaugural designer chosen for the (sadly now defunct) NYTimes On Language section. In 2006, Target launched a line of “Deanne Cheuk” products. So yes, she is awesome and I hope you now have as big of a girl-crush as I do!

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