Special Guest

Zoomed through this alphabet, we did! Today’s letter, the last of the series, is by the talented lady Keetra Dean Dixon! I stumbled across her work a ways back on the interweb and fell instantly in love with her blend of craft, whimsy, and amazing concepts. I have a crush on her brain for coming up with genius projects such as The Great Slumber (hilariously morbid!) and Anonymous Hugging. Her lettering work is exquisite—her Cordial Invitations project is what first introduced me to her work, and I want my own version of this recent piece like I’ve never wanted anything before (anything geode reminiscent brings tingly nostalgia awesomness). Thanks so much for participating, Keetra—and thanks to everyone else that participated. I am amazed and in awe of all of the lovely letters crafted and can’t wait to get a jump on putting together an exhibition so we can see these beautiful creations in person!

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