Special Guest

No introduction needed for today’s guest contributor Louise Fili Ltd. Louise is a legend and my number one hero in design. If it wasn’t for her, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today career wise—she was an epically amazing teacher and just general all around great person to work for so of course she was first on my list to ask to contribute to the guest alphabet. If you’re not familiar with Louise’s work, for shame—immediately hop over to her site and buy every book she’s ever been a part of. This beautiful N is definitely among my favorites of the guest alphabet, crafted by Louise and her handy senior-designer-sidekick John Passafiume, who currently holds the position at team LFL that I held not that long ago. I could wax on for days about how awesome Louise is, but you probably know this already, so instead I’ll leave you to gawk at this gorgeous letter.

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